11 Jun 2019

Merchant companies’ benefits in using Xtra

Our business is growing at a very fast pace in the current era of the Internet. On one hand, expansion of the use of the internet is growing rapidly, and on the other, the demands of the customers are rising as well. Those who can continue their business keeping paces with all of this growing demand are the only ones that can reach the peak of progress.

Suppose you have a retail shop. Now with the sales of the goods, the dealer, the retailer, the wholesaler and the company’s representatives have to face many problems in the process of maintaining constant communication with each other. And if the company is new, then it becomes more difficult to maintain communication.

Almost no one has the time to go to the market to pick up goods like old times. Now everyone wants a quick and easy solution to everything.

The internet is the only way to get quick and easy solutions. And if your business is not digital in this age of Internet, then you will definitely be at a disadvantage compared to your competitors. At present, the use of mobile apps in business is quite popular. With the help of a mobile apps, you can distinguish your business from other competitors as well as make more profit.

Xtra is the country’s first digital media to deliver gift cards. This will help companies to award gifts to their Employees, Clients, and Distributors through a digital platform.

Again, you can also send a digital gift card very easily to your family and relatives, through Xtra. You do not have to worry about any additional hustle of traveling to the shops .

The advantages that a merchant company can get using Xtra are mentioned bellow:

Benefits obtained by a Merchant company using Xtra: Expands business ranges

With Xtra, you can easily offer various offers and discounts for your company’s product. Genuine traders, who know about the sector very well, knows that one of the easiest ways to attract customers is either by an offer or discount.

The more you keep giving out offers and discounts, the higher will be your customer base.. This will also increase the number of customers of your company. And by doing this you can easily retain your old customers, and gain new ones. Your business will grow faster this way.

Increases the reputation:

With the attractive system of Xtra, when other companies and customers benefit from your product and offer, they will use your company’s product again and again.

You can easily stay on top of their favorite list by setting offers for the larger organizations.
As a result, the fame and goodwill of your company will increase, which is an invaluable asset for any organization.

Increases sales

Since it is very convenient to view various types pf offers and discounts that are being offered, it attracts the attention of different customers and companies.

For this, it can be seen that the buyer of one of your products is also looking at other offers on other products and buying it.

As a result, the sales of your company are increasing at double the rate.

Gains customer’s attention:

Online shopping is very popular in the present age. And the use of mobile apps is making everything even easier day by day.

With Xtra, you can easily attract your customers by advertising your products.

Also, this app will help you engage Xtra’s corporate clients and due to this, they will also become your company’s regular customer.

Increases profit:

Xtra is a big platform for Merchants companies. It will work as a medium between a gift provider and gift seeker for a merchant company, making the merchant company popular at the same time. And this popularity will increase the profile as well as increase the sales of the merchant company.

Will serve as a medium of publicity:

Xtra will reduce the hassle of promoting your company through advertisements to a huge extent.

Xtra will serve as an important medium for your company’s advertisement. And it will reduce the extra cost from your company’s promotional advertisements, which is a win-win situation for any company.

Helps gain customers’ trust:

With Xtra, you can easily ensure customer service because your business is all about their favorite products.

Customers will also be sure that you are aware of their favorite products. And this way you or your company can become very loyal to the customer and gain their complete trust.

Time saving:

Unnecessary time-consuming activities such as choice related issues, bargaining for a more favorable price, etc will be saved by Xtra. You can easily sell more in a short time.

Hassle-free sale:

Xtra is an easy medium for sale to Merchant Companies. Without any hassle, customers will be able to sell products accordingly. Because you will know about their preferences and flaws. Xtra has many other benefits, which can be understood only using Xtra. Xtra is like a blessing for Merchant Companies.

So if you want to get all these benefits, you can download Xtra only on your mobile with a few clicks and can deliver their favorite products to your customers at any time.


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