How it Works!

Everyone wants to keep their family or friends happy by sending them attractive gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, marriage ceremonies or any other festive occasion like Pohela Baishakh, Valentine’s day, Eid or Puja. Even an employer or a manager of a company likes to keep all the stakeholders (employees, distributors, clients & suppliers) happy by giving them gifts or rewards every once in a while.
Now you can do exactly that while sitting in the comfort of your own home. Using Xtra App, you can give gifts to your family, friends, stakeholders of your company, and your clients with just a single click. You can give them an excellent dining experience at any restaurant, a digital voucher for a fashion outlet, an awesome entertainment experience and so much more. Anything you imagine as a gift or a reward, Xtra App brings it to you at your fingertips. Sending gift was never so easy and elegant!

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Benefits for Gift Sender

  1. Offering customizable gifts or rewards to your company clients, distributors, employees or your friends and family.
  2. Instantly send a digital gift card when you want or need. So it does not matter whether it is a holiday or early morning or late evening.
  3. Send gift wherever you are – aboard, out of the city or wherever.
  4. No need to worry about wasting time in the traffic jam to buy a gift.
  5. No need to carry a gift when you are going to any program.
  6. No hidden or additional charges.
  7. Proper utilization of gifts and rewards.
Benefits for Offer Provider


If you want to give gift as a person, you can directly download the Xtra app and start sending gift from there. However, if you want to send gift from any company, then please fill up this form. We have some additional features for you and we will direct you on those.


As an individual or as an owner/ manager of a company, if you want to give gifts or rewards to your employees, distributors, clients, suppliers or family and friends, then you or your company is a Gift Sender in Xtra.
As an individual person, you can be a gift sender. Through your Xtra app, you can easily send gifts to your friends or loved ones with just a few clicks.
Similarly, any kind of company or organization could also be the Gift Sender of Xtra. If you are a company owner or manager, then we have additional options for sending gift/reward for you. Please call or email us to know the details:
Nowadays, the digitization has created a renaissance accelerating development to make our civic life easier. We need a digital system as much as possible to save our time, energy and money. As an individual person you would like to keep your family or friends happy by sending attractive gifts on various occasions, on the other hand as a company owner or a manager, you may like to give rewards to your employees or send gifts to your clients, distributors but you MAY NOT have any digital and efficient way to do that currently. That is where Xtra will help you to make it happen. Though Xtra, you can give gifts or rewards to your employees, clients, distributors or family & friends at any time without any hassle or additional cost.
As a gift sender, you can easily send a gift to your family or your business stakeholders through Xtra app. From the menu, you need to choose “Send Gift Card”, then from that screen, type sender’s phone no, select merchant (shop/service point), and type gift amount. Then, you will be asked to pay that amount through bKash, debit or credit card. Through one of these payment methods, you can pay the gift amount. That’s it. It’s so simple.
Through the Xtra app, you can easily send a digital gift or reward card. All you need to do is to download the Xtra app, log-in to your Xtra app from your Android/iOS device, then select the person you want to send the gift or reward, choose the merchants (eg. Any fashion outlet, Restaurant etc), make the payment and that’s all about it.
Xtra is a platform where Gift Receiver will choose/select their own gift by the digital gift card sent by the Gift Sender. They will go to a shop or online site, use the Xtra digital gift card for this. So there is no question of delivery by Xtra. For example, if you get 2000-taka gift card from your friend in a fashion outlet. You can go to that fashion outlet at your convenient time, may purchase a dress for you with BDT 2500 taka. In that case, you will give an additional 500 taka from your pocket, rest 2000 taka will come from your digital gift card. If you buy anything with 2000 taka, then you do not need to pay any additional money.
Yes, the expiry date will be normally for one year. Gift Receiver will be able to see the expiry date of any gift in the app. If the Gift is not availed by the due date (eg. one year) by the Gift Receiver, then the Gift Sender will be notified on that and then Gift Sender will be able to reuse that money to resend digital gift to anyone else.
If the Gift is not availed by the due date by the Gift Receiver, then the Gift Sender will be notified on that and then Gift Sender will be able to reuse that money to resend digital gift to anyone else. In such cases, there will be a small charge of BDT 10 from the Gift Sender.
Yes, mostly in Dhaka city for now. Gift Receivers will get specific outlet information in their app with the gift details. So, they will be able to check those outlets and go on them.
Xtra is a digital gift platform from where any company or an individual person can send gifts or rewards to their employees, clients, distributors, or friends & families with no additional cost. Xtra app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Simply download the app and start sending & receiving gifts and rewards.
After getting any gifts or rewards from any friends or family members or from a company, you have to install the Xtra app in your phone, then go to the Merchant (eg. any fashion outlet or restaurant) and use your Xtra app to scan the QR code to avail the gifts. The QR codes are already given to each merchant.
Yes, you can. From Xtra app, you can easily send gifts to your spouse, friends or anyone you like. This platform can be used by any person or any company both.
Yes, we have both iOS and Android app.
Yes, +8801714110380