11 Jun 2019

Gift Sender’s Benefits for using Xtra

Each of us likes to give and get gifts, whether it is necessary or just out of love. But the problem only occurs when there is a need to worry about what gift to choose from the wide array of options and the means of sending it.

Xtra is the country’s first digital media platform to deliver gift cards. This will provide company Employees’ Rewards, Clients and Distributors offers, and will help in delivering gifts through a digital medium. Again, you can send a digital gift card easily to your friends and loved ones through Xtra as well. You do not have to worry about any additional trouble.

Those who want to send gifts or rewards, all you have to do is add the recipient’s name to Xtra, select the merchant and gift cards and then just send it to them anytime. Using the Xtra app on the phone, the recipient can easily accept the gifts or gift card.

For a Gift provider, the advantage of using Xtra is incomparable. The benefits provided to gift providers in Xtra are mentioned below:

Gift, Offer and Reward Benefits:

For the first time ever, Xtra is the only app that gives you and any company, a chance to offer gifts and rewards.

Suppose, you have a company. You want to give rewards to your company’s Employees, Clients. In that case, from choosing the gifts to reaching them, you have to face a lot of trouble.

But Xtra is an app that lets you easily and effortlessly give digital gift cards and rewards to any of your Employees or Clients. Or perhaps , you want to give gifts to your friend on his or her birthday or someone’s anniversary, but don’t want to bother yourself with the trouble of finding or choosing his or her favorite gift or reaching out to hand the gift over. You can just use Xtra to get rid of these difficulties, as it will provide your friend with a digital gift card. And with the help of this, your desired person can choose the gift of their choices, themselves. This will reduce the chances of them not liking the gifts you bought, as they chose it themselves.

Stops the wastage of time:

To save your precious time, Xtra app may be your only option to go with. The time spent on choosing gifts for clients or a loved one, and then delivering it to them using the Xtra app will not even take one percent of the time as it used to, using the conventional method.

Without any hassle, you can do all the tasks safely and in proper time.

Confirms low cost:

Xtra app will lower the excess expenses in case of a gift or an offer.

But even the minimum standard of negligence will not be tolerated, the quality of the product will be the first priority. Xtra app is the only app that will be able to guarantee the best quality at a low cost.

It will reduce your travel hassles, cost and will save your time, as now you do not have to go out to buy gifts. Through Xtra, you can easily send a digital gift card to your loved ones.

Confirms suitable gift:

Xtra will help to provide suitable and appropriate gifts or offers. If your gift or offer is of no use to the recipient and seems unnecessary or it was not accepted by the individual, then all your efforts go in vain.

Xtra will ensure that your gift or offer is appropriate and appreciated and the above-mentioned unpleasant situation never takes place.

Earns the satisfaction employees or clients:

We all go to great lengths to give a little extra satisfaction to the company’s employees and clients! Bonus, offer, gift!

But the question still remains whether your employees or clients are satisfied at all.

Xtra will ensure that your effort succeeds, because the employees or clients can use their provided offers or digital gift card to their liking.

And so you do not have to worry anymore of their satisfaction regarding the gifts. Employees get the freedom to choose their favorite gifts through Xtra.

Easy Medium:

Xtra is the country’s first digital gift sending medium. Just by installing this app on the mobile, you can do things such as give out digital gift cards and gifts, in a very easy and effective method within a short amount of time.

Fulfill business goals:

We are all eager to meet our business goals. We think about the issues related to the development of the company and also think of how to plan for those thousands of goals from and come up with ideas of ​​how to fulfill the expected business objectives. To implement these plans and keep out employees and loved ones motivated, we give out gifts and offers. Xtra is implementing your well-planned thinking into reality on the moment, which will meet your business goals with uniqueness.

There isn’t anyone who does not want to operate without keeping up with the pace of development and technology! We all try hard to solve our complex tasks very easily. And with that aim is how Xtra helps us to keep up with the changing times.

The solution to complex tasks and to provide loved ones with their favorite gifts easily with the use of Xtra is what the market now desires. Thus, only by installing the Xtra app on your phone can you enjoy all these benefits.


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