Xtra- the concept was born in 2018 by our founder Mr. Monjurul Alam Mamun. One day he got some paper-based gift vouchers from some of the country’s designated companies, but he had to keep the vochers with him at all time because he was unsure of when to use them. That is when he felt the necessity of a digital platform where a company or person can choose their desired merchants and can give gifts or rewards to their friends & family members and business stakeholders.

Immediately after a survey, it was found that the necessity is even more. There is an unstructured and untapped gift market and a platform like Xtra can bring everyone under a common umbrella.

This is how Xtra, country’s first personalized gift and reward platform came into the market, powered by Aplectrum Solutions Ltd.
We see continuous innovation, excellence and smart engineering as a success for our initiatives. We want to build a strong relationship with clients by adding significant values to their products through our strong domain and technical expertise.

Please feel free to share your valuable suggestions or feedback with us.

Our core values

  1. Love the Work: We are passionate about technology and we strive for excellence. There is joy in solving the intricate problems.
  2. Be a Doer: We focus on great results. We stick with it when things get hard. We identify the problem and focus on the solution. We are tenacious.
  3. Support the Team: We collaborate well and respect one another. We come with a no- ego and no-Finger pointing policy.
  4. Focus on the Client: Our client is part of the team. We put ourselves in their shoes. We are curious about their business.
  5. Embrace Positivity: We seek first to understand, then to be understood. We are kind. We assume positive intent. We encourage healthy conflict resolution.
  6. Always Learning: We bring new ideas to the company and the product. We take calculated risks and try new things. We keep up to date on the industry and add new skills to our tool belts. We do not get stuck on because we like to get the work done.